Our mission is to provide the best diagnosis and treatment possible given the knowledge and technology available today. This includes a thorough  interview of your present circumstances, family history, medical history, and past psychiatric hostory with speicial detail reagarding psychiatric medications used and the response obtained. In addtions, a mental status exam, in which I appraise your feelings and my own perceptions of you, is essential. Putting all of these things together increases the chances of a successful outcome.

The proper use of medicatiobs, either alone or in combination with therapy, is one of the cornerstones of effective treatment. This can prove to be challenging, but fortunately the "art of medicine" is alive and well.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of treating "resistant" syndromes that have not responded well to previous treatment. Sometimes it can be something very simple that is standing in the way of successful treatment. Breaking down these barriers gets us one step closer to changing your life for the better. 

In summary, every effort is made to treat any exisisting problem in order to improve your chances of having the best possible life. What I ask of you is that you show up for your appointments, take your medication as presscribed, reporting side effects and responses, and work hard to improve your life.

This is a winning formula.

Michael J. Deal, M.D.